TAIO TYPEOur terms & conditions are simple. Agreeing to our terms & conditions mean you agree to the rules of your license. You do not own the typeface, but rather you own the rights to use the typeface under two license options:

  • Personal Licenses are relatively the price of a good meal ;) This license permits you to use our fonts on any work that is not producing a profit (e.g. the poster your mom requested, a personal portfolio, or loveletters).
  • Commercial Licenses cost adult-money. If you or your client are making profit via the project (e.g. branding, publications, or marketing) we require you to own this license.

Trial fonts can be found under each typeface’s purchasing options free of charge Each zip includes the full family with a limited glyphset. Trials are for test use-cases only. You may not use trials in final designs, you must purchase a license.

More detailed terms & conditions can be downloaded here (also see for student use). 

If you have any questions, please contact us before you purchase a license. All licenses are final sale, no exceptions. 

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