REBECA ESTRADA (she) is a product designer interested in the intersection between psychology and technology. Her expertise is in research, user experience, and front-end.

PEYTON TODD (she) is a type and visual designer who engages with culture and responds creatively. Her expertise is in type, publication, and education. Todd's work has been shortlisted, recognized, and awarded by ADC and TDC.

ANDREA GONZALEZ (she) is a visual designer whose Chicana background inspires her creative outlook. Her concentration is in print, visual systems, and illustration.

BURKE SMITHERS (he) is a type and visual designer who blurs the line between typography and illustration. His interests are in type, illustration, and publication. Smithers' work has been recognized and awarded by ADC and TDC.

ASHLEY WANG (she/they) is a visual designer who passionately explores the multidisciplinary nature of design and all creative endeavours. Their abilities transcend the traditional design zietgiest.

Pacific Coast